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What is chimneyexpert.in?

Chimneyexpert.in is Varanasi's one of the new-fangled price comparison and deals website. Through chimneyexpert.in members can save on regular purchases at any of our partner retailer. We bring together leading online stores and help buyers finding the right product for themselves, compare the prices, find best deals.

What does Pending, Confirmed, Approved, Cancelled Transactions Mean?

When your order gets tracked by us, we mark it as pending. The order is normally tracked within 72 hours of successful order. Since the product remains in the Return or Cancellation period. Once the cancellation period is over, the retailer will notify us and we mark the transaction as Confirmed. This process could generally take upto 45 days from the last date of the Month you shopped in. For example, if you did shopping on 17th August, your transaction will be marked confirmed within 45 days from 31st August, i.e. 15th October.

Why has my transaction got cancelled?

A tracked transaction may get cancelled on the following grounds :-

  • The purchase or a ‘part of purchase’ made by you was returned, cancelled or the order was amended.
  • The purchase got attributed to another comparison or cashback or deals websites due to the presence of their cookies in the browser.
  • You did not comply with the terms and conditions on the portal and/or the retailer’s website.
  • Cookies or Javascript were disabled on the browser.
  • The retailer has ceased trading or has gone into administration.
  • A voucher code not authorized by our portal was used during the transaction.

Retailers do not provide us any specific reason for the same. The retailer holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the Munafa point transaction.